People love Real-Time Alerts … for all kinds of reasons

One of the best things about today’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking technology is the truly unprecedented level of customization it gives you.

Real-Time Alerts are a great example of that. The system shows you the alerts available to you depending on the accounts you have here at Canton Co-operative Bank. You get to pick and choose the ones that will benefit you the most. You are automatically notified when one of your alert situations comes up. And it’s free!
(Message & data rates may apply.)

There are all kinds of alerts to choose from, including:

  • Account balance alert
  • CD approaching maturity alert
  • Check cleared alert
  • Check returned alert
  • Deposit received alert
  • Fee charged alert
  • Loan payment due alert
  • Overdrawn alert
  • Payment posted alert
  • Password changed alert
  • Security question changed alert
  • And many, many more!

Some alerts are about convenience.
Others are about security.
If you’re looking for new & improved ways to keep track of your account/s, alerts are pretty cool.

Alerts are available when you login to Online Banking and/or Mobile Banking.
Look for the “Manage Alerts” link on the home screen.

If you have questions, call 781-828-8811 x5 or email or come see us!

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