“Mortgage rates are going up – what will that mean for me?”

Anabela Vargas PhotoAccording to Canton Co-operative Bank VP/Senior Loan Officer Anabela Vargas, “People are seeing mortgage rates going up and it’s making them nervous. Many are rushing to get an application in so they can rate-lock before rates go up even more.

“Rates are still on the low side by historical standards. But when borrowers look back to how low rates were last year, some feel just awful that they weren’t ready to get a mortgage then.

“I tell borrowers that rates go up and down all the time. A few years ago, rates started inching up and then they went back down again. The truth is that – despite all the predictions – no one knows for sure where rates are going next.

“If you’re getting ready to buy a home, what matters is figuring out what your best options are now.

“At Canton Co-operative Bank, we are always happy to go through your numbers with you. Come in and talk with us and we can figure this out together.

“Because when we do the math with borrowers who are worried that they missed out, many are relieved to see that they do have options and they can still afford to get into that house.

“Come see us, email me or call 781-828-8811 x 4.”

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