Open and review your mail … please!

A few weeks ago, there was a story in a local paper about a man in his 30s who answered a knock at his door and found a policeman standing there with a warrant for his arrest.

According to the police officer, the man had unpaid charges due to his Town and he had not responded to letters or the summons the Town had mailed him.

The man’s response? “I never read my mail,” he said. “I throw it away.”

Never reads his mail. Throws it away unopened. Wow!

Right now with the massive increases in online fraud and spam phone calls, basically the only way for important communications to get to you is by U.S. postal mail. The IRS tells people they will never call or email – they will send a letter. That’s true of local and state governments, lenders, credit card companies and many other businesses too. (Some do send emails with postal mail follow-ups.)

Checking your mail – including opening and reviewing all bank correspondence and credit card statements – is a primary line of defense against identity theft and fraud.

According to one local police detective, “For some reason, some people – and especially young people – have the idea that nothing important will come in the mail. That could not be further from the truth.”

Please keep an eye on your own mail and encourage any young people you know who don’t live with you to at least open and review their mail too.

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