They were getting the run-around from their bank, so they came to Canton Co-operative

Canton Co-operative Bank President & CEO Nick Maffeo recently mentioned something he’s been noticing happening more and more often.

Specifically, people who are customers of other banks – especially the big, national banks – are going to their banks with what amount to general questions about their accounts. After getting the run-around from their bank, they come to Canton Co-operative for information and answers.

“It seems like non-customers are always coming in and asking us for help with something their bank can’t or won’t help them with,” Nick Maffeo said.

At Canton Co-operative, we are always happy to answer questions for customers and non-customers alike. We see it as part of our mission and our responsibility as a community bank. Plus, we actually like helping people understand all their options so they can make informed financial decisions.

Of course, we can’t access accounts that are with another bank. But there are a lot of questions we can (and do!) answer.

Customers love Canton Co-operative for all kinds of reasons. But right at the top is that here they know they can always come in or call and speak directly to a decision-maker – whether that’s a Teller, a Customer Service Representative, our Branch Manager, a Loan Officer or the President of the Bank. Not having to deal with a 1-800 number or a robotic long phone menu – they especially love that.

If you’d love to be with a bank that actually makes things easy for you or you’d like to consolidate your accounts here at Canton Co-operative, we can help you make that happen. (A bank just outside of Boston is running ads saying that Co-operative is their middle name. At Canton Co-operative Bank, that’s our middle name too!) Come see us or call 781-828-8811 x5.

Canton Co-operative – a bank customers like, a bank you can trust – since 1891.
Canton Co-operative Bank is located in downtown Canton at 671 Washington Street, Canton, MA 02021.
The main phone number is 781-828-8811.
NMLS #721437

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