Young people and their parents love Connections Checking!

Now available to young people ages 13-24!

Connections Checking gives young people a free checking account with Mobile Wallet, which today they want and need. They also get a debit card, access to popular payment apps (like Venmo), unlimited ATM surcharge rebates nationwide, Direct Deposit, a mobile banking app, BillPay, Card Controls and more.

Parents like Connections Checking because it’s a hands-on, real-time tool to help them start teaching financial responsibility. This joint account lets parents monitor the account, set alerts and easily get money to their kids wherever they may be.

For parents, it’s also about peace of mind – especially when there are account questions or issues. It’s much easier to talk to us here at Canton Co-operative than having to deal with some out-of-state college town bank.

It’s a plus for a young person to get started with a Connections Checking account at a home-town bank like Canton Co-operative, establishing themselves and starting a relationship that could lead to good things for them in the future.

Summer vacation is a great time to come in and open a Connections Checking account. Come see us or call 781-828-8811 x 5 for more information.

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