Pie Day Plus 2022: Once again, neighbors helping neighbors made all the difference!

PLUS PIE DAYAt Canton Co-operative, Pie Day is the most popular annual event for two reasons: The customers, employees and friends want to help neighbors in need have a good Thanksgiving dinner. That certainly has to include a pie! And Pie Day is fun! People thank us all the time for giving them the chance to take part.

This year, we called it Pie Day Plus because the Canton Food Pantry told us that – with food prices so high – donations were way down. They were struggling to help local individuals and families put a Thanksgiving dinner on the table.

The Food Pantry told us they would welcome pies, as always. But they also really needed stuffing and cranberry sauce too.

So it was more than just pies for Pie Day this year. Actually, it’s always more than just pies. It’s neighbors helping neighbors that warms everyone’s hearts. That’s what Thanksgiving and a true sense of community here in Canton are all about.

The Food Pantry volunteers were surprised and delighted at how much they received from the customers, employees and friends of Canton Co-operative Bank. Thanks to your help, there were 198 pies along with bins full of stuffing and cranberry sauce plus a sizable cash donation too.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year when – for many – it was more of a stretch to give.
You made a real difference!
Happy 2023 to you and yours!

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