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Canton Coop Bank WelcomeSometimes people are surprised to discover that at Canton Co-operative, we offer some specific service they need or would really benefit from. But they didn’t know they could get it here.

(Technology has levelled the playing field for banks over the past 20 years or so to the point where it’s fair to say that – at Canton Co-operative – we offer almost every kind of account and service, comparable to even the largest banks. Or better!)

For example, when families hear how much they get with our Connections Checking account, they are usually surprised and delighted to have access to an account like Connections Checking right here from a local bank.

Basically Connections Checking is a free shared checking account for young people ages 13-24 and their parent/guardian. It has all the bells & whistles including free Mobile Wallet, free Mobile Banking, access to popular payment apps (like Venmo), unlimited ATM surcharge rebates nationwide and more. It’s easy to transfer money in and easy to set alerts and alarms. A Connections Checking account just makes life easier!

Sometimes customers are also surprised to hear about the fraud protection we have for their debit cards. Easily-set alarms and alerts are a first line of protection. Debit cards are also turned off for use outside the U.S. unless a customer lets us know they’re travelling beyond the 50 states and plan to use their debit card. There are other things we can do to help you protect your accounts from fraud too, all at no charge. Come see us!

Many customers and local people don’t know that at Canton Co-operative Bank, we offer a free notary service. We do, and – if you need something notarized – we’re happy to help you!

Come see us or call 781-828-8811 x5.

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