A Road Map To Successful Home Ownership

According to Vice-President/Senior Loan Officer Anabela Vargas, “A lending officer I worked with at my first job always told the story about a woman who came back and thanked him for turning her down for a mortgage.

“She realized her finances had been a mess and told him she knew in her heart she would have lost the house. Getting turned down was the incentive she needed to get her finances in order and set herself up for success. It made all the difference, she said.

“Everyone has a Road Map to successful homeownership. For some borrowers, their map is longer than others. They’re not quite ready financially and they have work to do. But every person I have seen who genuinely wanted to buy a house – if they worked their Road Map – they eventually got a loan and a house, confident they were financially-prepared to be homeowners.

“Most borrowers who aren’t quite where they need to be to qualify for a mortgage have issues with income, downpayment savings or credit history. Only time will help with a not-so-great credit history – that’s one of the longer Road Maps. But I have seen people with income or savings issues turn that around very quickly once they knew there were things they could do.

“At Canton Co-operative, we are all about helping people become successful homeowners. Want to take a look at your Road Map to home ownership? Email me, come see us or call 781-828-8811 x4.”

Anabela Vargas July 19 2022
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