Why be with a local bank like Canton Co-operative?

Canton Coop Bank Welcome SignMany of our customers also have accounts at other banks for various reasons. So we’ve had plenty of opportunity to hear how they think other banks – especially large national stock banks – compare to a local, independent, mutual bank like Canton Co-operative.

Basically, people tell us all the time that getting things done here is much quicker and less stressful than at other banks. That makes sense. Large national banks have layers and layers of people and it can be very hard to reach someone.

At Canton Co-operative, we do not have layers and layers of people and customers say they love how easy it is to reach us.

Loan decisions are made locally here and borrowers say that’s a huge reason to go with a local bank like Canton Co-operative.

Borrowers love working directly with a local decision-maker – knowing for sure they can reach their loan officer when they have a concern or a question.
(That’s apparently very difficult to do with some other banks.)

A national stock bank must by law put the interests of its shareholders first, even before the interests of their customers. Being an independent mutual bank means that here at Canton Co-operative, customers always come first.

We look out for customers and make it a priority to treat customers right. Many have told us they can see that we really do care. That’s true!

If you know someone who wishes they were with a bank like Canton Co-operative, have them come see us or call 781-828-8811 x5.

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